I began my first “novel” at age 10. My biggest (and only) fan was my younger sister who constantly begged me to finish the next chapter of my suspenseful tween thriller. Unfortunately for her and the cliff-hanging protagonist named Beau, I decided to pursue more realistic stories about community events instead. I interviewed family members, friends and anyone else who was willing to talk to me. I had decided to become a journalist.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve made that dream a reality, penning a book: Hey Baby! What’s Your Name? A Canadian Guide to Naming Your Baby and writing for top magazines such as Time Out New York Kids, Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, Parents CanadaProfit and Glow. I also write for Websites like Chatelaine.com, AKA Mom, travelmindset.comTodaysparent.com and Kaboose.com.

I recently co-authored a children’s book with my mother, Judith McMurray. It’s called Under Your Nose and is being published by Firefly Books. The illustrations were painted by some of Canada’s finest artists including Robert Bateman. All proceeds from its sale go to the Canadian Wildlife Foundation. Look for it this September.  

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Stuff My Kids Say
Guess what! My kids are funny. And I mean crazy funny. I promise I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m their Mom (well, maybe a little bit). Read my blog and find out for yourself. I guarantee you’ll laugh, or at least chuckle under your breath. And if you don’t, there’s something wrong with you. Seriously! You may want to see a doctor.