5 ways to increase concentration: how to escape that “lack-of-focus” funk

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Speech Therapy: What is it and how can you do it at home?

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Viruses 101: A Guide to What’s Making You Ill

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10 ways to turn your pessimist into a positive thinker

“What was the best part about school,” Diana Stanwell* asked her 10-year old son, Miles*. “Nothing,” he grunted. “Come on,” she pushed, “there must be one good thing that happened.” “I didn’t die,” he shrugged before chucking his backpack… Continue reading

It took me 26 years to get diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

In the early days of our relationship, my then boyfriend (now husband of 14 years) would laugh when I stumbled during our walks. He assumed I did it to get closer to him. “You’re such a klutz,” he’d tease. As the stumbles became worse, his laughter turned to concern… Continue reading

When Love Hurts: The truth about dating violence

Jennifer Anne Crecente was the kind of teenager parents dream of. An energetic honour roll student, Jennifer volunteered at a hospital in Austin, Texas and was a fan of the arts… Continue reading


Breaking Bad: Fentanyl – The drug that’s killing our teens

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High School Horror

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Why Confident and Empathetic Girls are More Likely to Succeed

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ADHD and your child

Fran Parker always knew her son was different from other kids. “He could not sit still, was not cooperative, disrupted the class and was very immature,” says the Farmington Hills, Mich. mom… Continue reading


The moment I decided to stop hiding my braces, slings and crutches in photographs

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How to manage gestational diabetes

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What Ails Them

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The Young and the Restless

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Boost your immuity

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The Edge of Reason

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Sweet Nothings

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Organic Baby Food

Let’s face it, kids are expensive. Most of us factored in college fees shortly after the positive pregnancy test, but add on the immediate cost of things like diapers, wipes, clothes and daycare and your piggy bank gets lighter by the second… Continue reading

Good in Bed – Can Plastic Surgery Enhance Your Sex Life?

Ella Franklin* couldn’t recall the last time she felt sexy. A 29-year-old newlywed from Toronto, Franklin hated wearing lingerie and would do almost anything to avoid having sex with the lights on… Continue reading