An Open Letter to the Kids Bullying my Daughter

Dear kids who’ve been bullying my daughter,
She can be annoying. I know. I’m her mother. She doesn’t like to take no for an answer, voices her opinions loudly and likes to bend the rules… Continue reading

11 ways to salvage a bad morning

School mornings can be a sh*t show. Here’s how to turn things around. It’s 7:54 a.m. and we have six minutes to leave the house before we’re doomed to be late for school—again. The clock is ticking down… Continue reading

What to do when your kid’s the bully

Lots of kids test out being mean—even your little angel—but you can stop the behaviour that has them acting like a bully. Mom of three Isabelle Moore* still remembers the day she found out that her son Ewan* had bullied someone… Continue reading

Their Guide to Growing Up

We can often be guilty of coddling our kids, but in our quest to drive them everywhere, cook their meals, clean their rooms, and yes, even do their homework, we’re actually not doing them any favours… Continue reading

ADHD and your child

Fran Parker always knew her son was different from other kids. “He could not sit still, was not cooperative, disrupted the class and was very immature,” says the Farmington Hills, Michigan mom… Continue reading

High School Horror

Some teens cannot find solace away from bullying. It follows them everywhere from the halls of high school to their online activity at home. Here’s how you can step in and keep your child safe… Continue reading


Discipline After Divorce

Separation is stressful for kids, but there are ways to help keep them on track. Whether they unleash their inner Picasso on your walls or purposely flush your watch down the toilet, kids will do the darndest things … Continue reading

Money Sense

Six ways to keep your post-secondary student on a budget. Heading off to university or college is both exciting and overwhelming. Your baby, the one you coddled and sang to every night, is now a full-fledged adult who’s flown your proverbial nest… Continue reading

Organic Baby Food

Let’s face it, kids are expensive. Most of us factored in college fees shortly after the positive pregnancy test, but add on the immediate cost of things like diapers, wipes, clothes and daycare and your piggy bank gets lighter by the second… Continue reading

Why Confident and Empathetic Girls are More Likely to Succeed

It’s no secret that BSS staff want their students to succeed. From the moment a girl enters Junior Kindergarten to the day she graduates, the adults around her (from teachers to counsellors) make it their business to support her in every way possible… Continue reading

Family Profile: The Bee Joneses, Upper West Side

Maintaining a sense of humor while you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment with a spouse and two children is no easy feat, but husband and wife Jason Jones and Samantha Bee… Continue reading

Welcome to the real-life Brady Bunch

Judith McMurray had two kids; the man of her dreams had four. At 29 she found herself trying to mother total strangers… Continue reading