Shandley McMurray

Writer - Editor - Content Creator

A world traveler and a storyteller with heart

Shandley is a journalist with over 25 years of experience writing health, wellness, parenting, and travel articles. Her print credits include Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, Parent’s Canada, and Time Out New York Kids. Her online credits include University Health News, The Travel, Islands, Explore, Travel Mindset, and PlanetWare. 

An expert in creating engaging content quickly, Shandley writes everything from engrossing features to informative newsletters to winning social media posts. 

Shandley also creates well-researched, SEO-optimized copy for companies like Illume Fertility, MenoLabs, Advanced Health Professionals, and The Vital Stretch, among others.

She has also authored a baby-naming guide, two children's books, and four in-depth health reports for University Health News. In her free time, Shandley works to increase awareness about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and POTS.